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About us

Last few years have seen a fourth industrial revolution, which was a new step in the production, automatization, and computerization of processes by using the data. Currently almost every industry relies on technology. In the past few decades, technology has grown exponentially. Using the right tech, brands were able to get the right data that gave them a competitive advantage and cash in huge profits.

F4B consulting gives a complete tech solution by integrating satellite, IoT and drone along with tech experts to provide data for various industries. We envision a transformation in the three essential lifestyle choices, fashion, food and fuel. The technical devices and software enable to capture data from farm to finished article and thus provide a proof to support transparency.

With our solution traceability becomes easy and gives essential information on how our ecology and social well-being are facing the damage due to the non-calculative activities.

How we do it?

  • Satellites: Using satellites we identify various native species & presence of carbon in an area. We study the land use ratio, water stress level, estimate crop yield and forecast weather. We also asses biodiversity in an area through hyper-spectral imageries and record changes in it over a period of time.
  • IoT devices: These devices automate the activities of the farm and provides timely data to plan the next process remotely. These data are recorded and send directly to cloud with blockchain security. They include, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil humidity, chemicals in the soil, air temperature and weather forecast.
  • Drones: The smart drones developed by f4b consulting provides a real time check for auditors when they are visited to the farm for inspection.
Our Mission

We believe the future is IOT and further needs to be focused on enabling solution on every aspect of consumers' life and establish a market by maintaining ecological balance.

Our Vision

To provide technical solutions to automate daily tasks, effective monitoring and giving sustainable tech alternates to a manual problem.


How are we trying to ease life?

  • Automating daily activities of life.
  • Automating activities of farm and minimizing use of toxic chemicals.
  • Easing urban gardening for improving health of the environment.
  • Effective monitoring of essentials and keeping a record check.
  • Automating healthcare and medicinal check up

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H.NO 69, road no-2, shastri nagar, kadma, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India - 831005.

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