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About us

Last few years have seen a fourth industrial revolution, which was a new step in the production, automatization, and computerization of the processes by using the data provided by IoT devices. We often don’t understand the meaning of an IOT device but it is something we come across on a daily basis.
Intrigued by the problems faced regularly in industries and day to day life activities, we provide a wide range of IOT support with best innovative tools backed by smart algorithms and advance technologies.
The existing research help us determine that conventional processes need a technical modification to ease their activities. The agriculture, home gardening, automobiles, health and hygiene and various other areas demand for an IOT and digital ease. We aim to provide all the wide categories our product and services. 
With the appropriate sensors on board, our drones can be used for a wide variety of applications in agricultural assessment including plant greenness and photosynthetic biomass.

Our Mission

We believe the future is IOT and further needs to be focused on enabling solution on every aspect of consumers' life and establish a market by maintaining ecological balance.

Our Vision

To provide technical solutions to automate daily tasks, effective monitoring and giving sustainable tech alternates to a manual problem.


How are we trying to ease life?

  • Automating daily activities of life.
  • Automating activities of farm and minimizing use of toxic chemicals.
  • Easing urban gardening for improving health of the environment.
  • Effective monitoring of essentials and keeping a record check.
  • Automating healthcare and medicinal check up

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Aastha House, Ashok Path Road, Dindli Basti, Adityapur, Seraikela Jharkhand, india - 831013

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